Who are the Most Powerful Hispanics in 2019?

Who are the Most Powerful Hispanics in 2019?

Written by: Jordan Bowles

Edited by: My Identity Mag Team

In this present culture and time, society has reached a point in history where we acknowledge the importance of positive representation of different ethnic groups across regularly consumed media outlets and platforms. For far too long, people of color had to endure the negative effects of stereotyped caricatures that were supposed to represent their communities, and unfortunately, this gave way to dangerous narratives that developed harmful stigmas that would affect these communities for years.

In honor of September being Hispanic Heritage Month, this article is dedicated to those within the Hispanic community who have actively made powerful strides and contributions to fight for positive representation within the culture that has contributed to creating new narratives that highlight the rich history and lives of Hispanic individuals in a positive way.

2019 Most Powerful Male Hispanic

Jorge Ramos most certainly is considered a great individual who has used his platform as a journalist to advocate for the rights of Hispanic and Hispanic-American individuals. In this current political and social climate regarding laws, policies and even attitudes and opinions concerning immigration, Ramos has consistently conducted himself in a professional manner by utilizing his journalistic skill sets to highlight problematic language used against migrants from Hispanic countries.

Ramos, a Mexican-American individual, has not only been vocal for those within the Hispanic community who do not have a voice, but he has portrayed Hispanic community in an accurate and positive way. Ramos is an exemplary individual who reflects the valuable aspects of the Hispanic community (i.e. hardworking, honest, professional), that have been often overshadowed by negative perceptions and ideals perpetuated by those who engage in problematic rhetoric designed to ostracize and marginalize communities of color.

Ramos has dedicated his career to actively demonstrate the importance of positive representation for the Hispanic community, and how it essentially earns the trust and respect of the community while simultaneously paving the way for more to continue this positive pathway.

2019 Most Powerful Female Hispanic

Another powerful voice within the Hispanic community who has played an active role for the rights on Hispanic and Hispanic-Americans is Ana Violeta Navarro-Cardenas. In terms of political position, especially compared to Ramos, it is clear to see that Navarro is more on the right side while Ramos’ political affiliations are on the left; it is important to note, however, that both of these individuals have contributed great time and effort fighting for the same causes, and speaking out against injustices made towards the Hispanic community.

Navarro- Cardenas political work speaks loudest as to how she has used her occupation to empower those within the Hispanic community. Today, Navarro, born in Nicaragua, has repeatedly been shown on several popular media outlets using her voice as a source of protest and advocacy. She has repeatedly gone head to head with many elected officials on political issues, especially as they pertain to human rights and immigration laws. Navarro has served as the Director of Immigration Policy under Jeb Bush’s administration as governor, and has even served as an Ambassador to the United Nations Human Rights Commission back in 2001, specifically for individuals in Cuba whose rights were being violated. Navarro has never shied away from using her powerful voice to help others, even if it meant condemning the very political party that she is associated with. It is also important to recognize the pathways that she has paved within the media, as her work can be credited to Telemundo, ABC News, and CNN.

Navarro and Ramos are both great examples of why Hispanic Heritage Month is a necessity to be recognized and continued to be acknowledged. In both of their cases, these two have actively participated in the kind of work and dedication necessary to help continue to change the negative images and narratives that the majority has tried to use to oppress and control the image of the Hispanic individual.

It is important to recognize those who are actively working to not only preserve the rich history of the Hispanic community, but to also make history in our present time.

If this notion is continued on in all ethnic communities, society (especially those in powerful and privileged positions) as a whole will essentially have to re-evaluate where it has placed its values, how it has contributed to the oppression and marginalization of minorities, and ultimately dedicate itself to working towards a future where all ethnic backgrounds are esteemed and valued for their differences amongst each other, not ostracized because of them.

I implore you to take the time to learn about the history of another culture or ethnic group outside of your own, as we must learn how to continue to have an open mind and great curiosity about the world we live in to help preserve what makes it beautiful: the vast cultural phenomenon that makes up our beautiful world.

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