Top 10 Things to Do During Hispanic Heritage Month

Top 10 Things to Do During Hispanic Heritage Month

By: My Identity Mag Team

Hispanic Heritage Month begins on the 15th of September and continues till the 15th of October, so it is time to start planning the celebration to have loads of fun with family and friends.

Host a potluck

Invite your friends at home and ask everyone to bring a dish from one Latin country and provide a short summary of the dish and its history. It is an interesting way to learn about Hispanic cuisine and sample delicious foods. You can finish off with some flan.

Dance Away

Host a party and create a playlist that features Hispanic songs – time to show off those dance moves!

Put up an Exhibition

Create more awareness by hosting an exhibition that showcases paintings and/or photography by famous Hispanic artists. You can scout for local Latin talent as well and display their work at this event.

Organize an Office Charity

There are tons of ways to rally people around making a donation to Hispanic/ Latin focused causes. Set up an office charity where you can do a 50/50 raffle or help people clean up their closet by doing an in-office or on-campus clothing drive.

Take a field trip

Explore the Hispanic culture by going on a field trip – it could be an office outing or you could go with friends and family. Support a local Hispanic establishment, restaurant, museum, etc.

Learn about Hispanic inventors

While celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, it is necessary to educate kids about notable Hispanic role models. Like the Mexican electrical engineer who introduced color television to the world, Guillermo Gonzalez Camarena. Victor Celorio, an entrepreneur and inventor, created the InstaBook. Victor L. Ochoa was an activist painter, graphic designer, and muralist.

Create piñatas

You can celebrate Hispanic heritage without a piñata! Creating piñatas is a very enjoyable activity where both adults and kids can have fun.

Drink Agua Fresca

Agua de platano is a simply delicious non-alcoholic beverage to cheer in celebration with. Popular beverages are Banana Water or Lime and Banana Agua Fresca – you will love it!

Learn Spanish

This is the perfect time to learn or brush up on your Spanish. In fact, you can practice this language with your kids throughout the month! Start off with some easy Spanish words and phrases and move on accordingly.

Decorate your home

You can add some Hispanic flair to your home. Decorate the exterior of your home with Mexican style pattern pottery, or hang themed lights on the porch. Get table toppers, tea towels, hand-painted illustrations, pot holders, etc. to spruce up your home on the inside.

Embrace cultural diversity during Hispanic Heritage Month – get ready to have a blast!

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