#TGIF 3 Ways to Unwind From a Stressful Week.

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

End of the Week: Thank Goodness It’s Friday

Written By: Melissa Gousse

Edited By: Jennifer Sittig

With summer gone and the season changing, people are settling back down into the monotony of their everyday lives and wishing they were still on a vacation. Well, little weekend #vacations are good for everyone. In this edition, I will suggest great places to get away for the weekend and breathe. The #Caribbean and even the northern states are great for quick fun-filled trips. The beaches in the Caribbean are always warm, and the changing of the leaves in the north is a nice sight to see in the fall. Get away from the stress of school, work and maybe even those pesky housemates and enjoy the scene of something much greater.

I have now realized you do not need a summer vacation to have a good vacation. First, grab a couple of friends or family members you are able vibe with, your car, or an airplane ticket, some good music and you on your way. It does not have to cost a lot, just be creative. You can have a lot of fun at the #zoo with your closest pals. Do not treat it like it is a place for kids. Revisit your younger days and you will have twice as much fun.

If you are lucky enough, you have seen everything your state has to offer. Second, it's a good time to look for the good fall/end-of-summer prices on airline tickets. I promise there are plenty. Visit places close enough to your home so traveling will not cut into your sightseeing or clubbing time. Visit the white sands and warm foamy waters the Caribbean has to offer and eat a fresh catch from the ocean. Try clubs in Atlanta. Go farther up north to Washington, D.C. and experience the invigorating colors of the fall leaves, enjoy the cool air, explore #culturalidentity and see the any number of the monuments or museums. Lastly, I do not recommend wasting the weekend away, make the most of it and sight-see. Traveling is a wonderful experience I believe everyone should partake in especially when you are traveling for leisure.

There is plenty to do and see this fall. Come up with a place to visit, research what sights might interest you, and go. Leisure travel is a wonderful way to end the week and you will go back to your everyday life with a breathtaking account of how your weekend was spent. Check out our event guides below for more ideas! #mylife #mystyle #myidentity

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