Myidentitymag.com is a unique mix of thought-provoking personal, artistic, motivational, and lifestyle articles bridging the young adult community. This site has a strong appeal to the multi-faceted needs of readers who are on the move and open to new ideas. We are a racially diverse and socially aware community. We believe unifying and strengthening cultural identity by celebrating unity within diversity.


This platform is dedicated to making a difference through positive and peaceful cross-cultural communication. We are building an outlet toward developing a community built upon mutual respect and understanding. Our site delves into lifestyles, cultural interests, profiling role models and analyzing important issues relevant to diverse communities.

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We believe that every person can embrace their cultural identity and  define their future to change the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise the consciousness level for a deeper appreciation of individual, social and cultural differences.


Our Vision

Our vision is to reflect various cultural, social and personal identities of American culture.

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